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In modern literature, there is one particular technique: for example, take some kind of creature or object and give it certain properties that are not inherent in it , but quite clearly reflect the human perception of it . The result is a fairly attractive picture, which at the same time there is a sense of morality and humor. Animation and modern cinema this technique is frequently used . The most striking character is so well-known for a long time cat Garfield . It is this character is the most wonderful and fascinating. It is quite harmoniously entered the world of animation and is a very versatile character. That's just take a look : he knows how to talk , has the broadest spectrum of emotions, quite selfish, vindictive , narcissistic and cynical at the same time has excellent craftsmanship of black humor and a lot of dirty tricks . When looking at this character , it has a plurality of characteristics that are more relevant to human. But collectively these characteristics and inhuman appearance can create something unusual and fun . For example, such a fun thing very much like to play and play , does not harbor any feelings of respect not only to the personal owner, but also to its space. Only your own garfield games amuse the animal and not interested in the world around us with our problems , it is not at all interested. But we see it , but the real cat lovers you will try to prove otherwise. After all, only a fan of these creatures can tell what they can be affectionate and loyal , they are perfectly suited for the role of attentive interlocutor and a great companion for a very lonely people. As for the games industry , it is the online game Garfield thoroughly settled here and is far more common than the movies and animation. It is worth noting that Garfield came from comic books. Because it is easy to catch on in the world of online games. Online Games Garfield found not a few of his fans today on the network , because to spend their free time with fun and purring fur seals will not give up any adults or kids. In Game Garfield 2 times of course you will not play , because basically in games such subjects no intricate plots, which could draw your attention to some other time. But a large number of different variations of the game with Garfield you will find very quickly and almost anywhere. Only Garfield online games will be able to educate and entertain your baby while you 're busy with something . Load gladly games online Garfield and entertained with funny cat family .

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