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Mankind has grown on the land and therefore all of us periodically pulls, something to plant , dig in the garden . Many city residents have had and still have a small garden outside the city and wander there on weekends to unburden himself on a small vegetable gardens or in the garden. They are thrilled with their hands from the grown cucumbers or tomatoes, canned close for the winter and then show off to the neighbors . By and large, the hard work on these tiny plots - pure masochism . Benefits of this cottage does not bring about any, and the cost of it , both physical and material does not count. But people - being incomprehensible even to myself , so if you once again pull something grow , do not run immediately to buy the cottage, and sit down and play games online for free farm, and a pleasure to receive and cost - no , well, except that pay for the Internet . Virtual games online farm - a simulator of the farm . Here, all as in reality. You'll dig the beds by hand or machinery , to buy seeds and then plant them , keep track of planting , harvest . Your virtual economy, and unlike the suburban real plot to make a profit . So you will sell their harvest . Very popular series of games players "Funny Farm" , they need to take care of various animals , getting them products and recycling to a small factory . You will receive tasks in each level and try to execute it. Use earned coins can improve buildings and vehicles for the transport of finished products. The virtual ranch you can grow than traditional plants - exotic , tame peacocks and make a monkey for you to pluck coconuts from palm trees while you 're at sea to catch crabs . Play the farm to the mind , your production will be perfect , because no waste . Even the shells thrown on the sandy ocean beach you use to make original jewelry. Keep the plants were well maintained , and the animals are fed and watered . In addition you will have to perform customer orders , which tumble down when they find out how many tasty and healthy you have made . And if you are passionate about flowers , you can arrange and this farm games to play online for free access to everything . Your flowers will not only please the eye , but also to improve your financial well-being. After all, you can not just sell flowers themselves , but also the products that they provide : perfume and honey. In the farm to play the game fun and interesting , and most importantly , you can always close the game and continue to do their own thing and no animal or plant is not affected.

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