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Who does not remember the school examples of the same words that can be used with different settings accents. Here and in the gaming industry are such game titles. One well-known example is the word "contraception". If you set the accent on the first syllable, we can recall the children's cries end of the last century. And if you send emphasis on the second syllable, it immediately reminded of a computer game that is very modern children love to play. Both of these toys have similar shooting at soldiers during both games have to run around and destroy the enemy from different kinds of weapons. But also there are some differences. For example, the first toy is common to all the well-known classic shooter game consoles Dendy. Blotted out of the game was that the player had to single-handedly defeat the enemies thousands of other planets, running and shooting them. This toy has been one of the most iconic and she was able to impersonate the great era of the gaming industry. Character had to go through so many trials, sneak and destroy two enemy base, to win several major bosses and toys to pass at the end of the battle with the most important newcomer in his lair. During the game, the character has a few tries, but in a fight with any boss he can not lose, because after the defeat of the hero is restored with the simplest and weakest weapon. Play dissent had to be very careful and try to keep their weapons and, accordingly, do not die. Such a simple goal and simplified the entire game. In the game there are different types of weapons with appropriate markings of the strongest (laser flash in a circle, fan bullet-balls in red) to the most simple. Having earned during the game the most powerful weapon and it is a terrible fight with the most powerful bosses, since such weapons explode enemy from one precise shot. As for the Contra with the accent on the second syllable, it's a product of computer developers, which today is one of the first and major cyber virtual disciplines. This game is the confrontation between kontrterroristami and terrorists. The full name of this game Counter-Strike. Play online dissent is possible with real players, so the options are virtual games with bots are considered exercise. The bulk of these games goes through the LAN to the Internet. And today it is possible to play with real people from around the world. Moreover, the number of fans increases with each new day with a considerable speed. In the online network, you can find both versions of this toy, and it is absolutely free.

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